Ali Brown | Ali’s Clients Speak for Themselves…

Ali’s Clients Speak for Themselves…

“Ali Brown is a ROCKSTAR—there is no other way to better describe her. She led a small mastermind group with our top female advisors and they absolutely ate up everything she taught them… from how to better position your practice to how to find your true purpose as a business owner. Her ability to inspire others through her own story is a gift that very few possess. She is dynamic, motivational and more importantly, a wealth of knowledge on how to grow your business. We’ve used dozens of speakers over the year and Ali was hands down the best. We can’t wait to bring her back!”

— Cody Foster, Founder | Advisors Excel

“Ali Brown ROCKED the house at my women’s conference this past March. Not only was she a big draw for ticket sales, but she delivers what she promises. She gave the women in my audience distinct steps to take for success both in business and life. She did it with humor, emotion, and grace. Her session was a wild ride! And she made time to be present and connect with members in the audience who engaged with her. I highly recommend her for any event that wants to both educate and inspire its audience.”

— Doreen Rainey, host of the Get Radical Women’s Conference, Washington, D.C.,

“To be a successful woman, you must acknowledge and own your power. That’s exactly what Ali Brown does on stage and what she shares with her audience. With warmth, knowledge, and humor, Ali teaches us tangible steps to recognize our strength and embrace success—whether it’s business or personal. What I find most inspiring about Ali is her dedicated passion to connect and inspire women in a practical and accessible way. We were proud to have her speak at our Simmons Leadership Conference this past year.”

— Helen Drinan, President, Simmons College, Boston, Mass.,

“Since winning
The Apprentice, I have had the opportunity to do a great deal of public speaking. And I’ve had the pleasure of speaking on the same stages as Ali Brown. Not only is she authentic, engaging and fun, but she shares concrete steps to help her audiences get from where they are to where they really want to be. I continue to hear nothing but amazing feedback on her ability to help others, as Ali says, live their good fortune. I highly recommend you consider Ali for your next event. She’ll truly rock the house!”

— Kendra Todd, Host of HGTV’s My House is Worth What?, Winner of The Apprentice, and real estate expert,

“Ali Brown is one of the most dynamic speakers I know. She’s a big hit with our audiences of entrepreneurs, and she not only engages and inspires them, but uses humor and her gift of being able to truly connect with the audience to drive them to fast action. Both the men and women love her and are lined up to meet her afterwards.”

— Bill Glazer, President, Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle,

“Ali Brown did a fabulous job as our emcee for Harvest Home’s “Benefit by the Sea” in 2011. Not only did she do her job professionally and well, tying in our ABC Secret Millionaire show connection, but she connected with the audience in a personal way that encouraged them to take action. She was energetic, articulate and also knew where to add a bit of humor when appropriate, which kept up the energy in the room. I’m happy to share we raised 50% more funds than we did at this event the previous year!”

— Jennifer Jenson, Executive Director, Harvest Home, Venice, Calif.

Ali Brown is as inspirational as she is charitable! After her financial gift to the Beauty Bus Foundation on ABC’s Secret Millionaire, Ali’s support of Beauty Bus has continued, and we invited her to speak at our Second Annual Beauty Drive at the House of Blues. Ali took the stage to share her passion for Beauty Bus. She lights up a room with her magnetic personality (not to mention her killer clothes and shoes!). Ali speaks from her heart about her own life experiences, such as her father’s illness and passing, and uses her lessons to engage and galvanize her audience. Beauty Bus is truly blessed by our “not-so-secret” Secret Millionaire!”

— Wendy Levine, Cofounder, Beauty Bus Foundation,

“When Ali took the stage I was proud to be in her company. When Ali opened her mouth to share her inspiring story, I was proud to be a woman. She is engaging, smart, funny, and shares her life freely so that those around her are motivated to live their dreams. Two weeks later, I am still getting emails from attendees telling me they loved Ali’s message and authenticity. I would have her back in a heartbeat!

— Nada Jones, Founder and CEO, LTD Expo,

“Ali Brown addressed a group of 85 high school students at our recent Junior Achievement Student Entrepreneurship Challenge and made an incredible connection with the students. She gave these budding entrepreneurs advice and encouragement about what it takes to be successful and they were all mesmerized. She was enthusiastic, relatable, and an inspiration to the students. We would love to have her back again!”

— Gary Hickman, President of Junior Achievement of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA

“Ali Brown is awesome! I knew she was great from all that I had seen and read about her. Meeting her in person and getting to hear her up-close and personal made me realize how real and down-to-earth she truly is. I heard over and over from numerous women business owners how they were impacted by Ali Brown and that she delivered more than they expected. Ali did not hold back. She showed us real emotion and took time to speak to us one-on-one. She made us feel that we were the most important people to her. That is special! Thank you Ali for helping to making our event the best ever!”

— Patsy Foxworth, President of NAWBO-SA

To inquire about Ali speaking at your next event, please contact Jennifer Clark on Team Ali at or 888-484-5559 ext. 21.