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Something sweet for you…

SugarImpactDiet_COVER_0414I had dinner last week with my good friend, past coaching client, and celebrity nutrition and fitness expert, JJ Virgin, and all we talked about was food!

JJ’s about to publish her new book, “The 2-Week Sugar Impact Diet”, and because she knows my readers are focused on success and feeling good, she’s going to give you a FREE download of her new “2-Week Sugar Impact Diet Cookbook”.

JJ is the author of two best-selling books, Six Weeks to Sleeveless and Sexy and The Virgin Diet: Drop 7 Foods, Lose 7 Pounds, Just 7 Days. This time she’s taking on Sugar. Here are a few facts I’ve learned from her: (Click here to read more…)

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These women speak the truth…

If you watch TV news right now, you know it’s focusing on nothing but the bad news in our world. If you watch too much of it, you’d start to think that is all the truth. And your truth.

But truth is possibility. Truth is knowing you can change your life. Truth is all the good things going on in this world right now (which you won’t hear about on TV, if you haven’t figured that out).

That’s why it’s important to continually hear from and surround yourself people who are making change in their lives. Who are focused on the good. Who are stepping up and stepping out to make a difference in the world. (Click here to read more…)

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Christine Hassler, author of Expectation Hangover, this week on Glambition Radio

Christine Hassler on Glambition Radio with Ali BrownIf you were 25 and living the high life as a hotshot Hollywood agent, would you walk away without knowing quite what you were getting into? That’s exactly what Christine Hassler did, and she’s here to talk about it all on this week’s Glambition Radio.

When we set goals and map out dreams that DON’T turn out as expected, how do you handle that? Christine says this is an epidemic for women right now… and she calls it the Expectation Hangover, which is the title of her latest book. It’s a frank, wise, and so-smart guide for dealing with —and leveraging—the many challenges and curveballs that life throws at us. (Click here to read more…)


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Monique Greenwood, Owner and CEO of Akwaaba, this week on Glambition Radio

Monique Greenwood on Glambition Radio with Ali BrownWould you leave a jet-set career in publishing to open a chain of B&Bs? Monique Greenwood, owner of Akwaaba Inns is shaking up the industry in a BIG way! I spoke with her for this week’s Glambition Radio.

In 1993, Monique already had the career she’d been dreaming of since she was a teenager – as editor in chief of Essence magazine, reaching over one million readers. One day on her way home, she spotted a rundown historic mansion in her Brooklyn neighborhood, and almost immediately decided she wanted to turn it into a bed and breakfast. Some people thought she was nuts (and even fought her at city hall), but she followed her gut and bought the property. (Click here to read more…)


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ali brownThis is a final courtesy reminder, that I will be sharing some of my best time and productivity secrets on a FREE CALL TODAY. :)

During this one-time teleseminar, you’ll discover:

* My 3 BEST productivity secrets—that still work even if you are managing a family along with your business.

* How to determine what your time is actually worth $$$. (It’s a simple process, but it will open your eyes instantly.) (Click here to read more…)

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