Divine Success: The 7 Phases to Realizing Your Dreams by Entrepreneur Mentor Ali Brown

Monday, 8:30am
From: Ali Brown, Los Angeles, Calif.

Dear Friend,

I'm taking a deep breath as I write this, because I'm sharing a piece of my journey that many of you may not be aware of, and it's very personal.

You likely already know the story of my outside success: I started my first little venture from a shoebox apartment in 1999, and from there it evolved into what is today an enterprise worth millions of dollars.

My life is truly amazing, and my blessings have allowed me to help out my family, travel the world, enjoy the good life... and best of all, give generously to causes I care about, like those I worked with on the ABC show Secret Millionaire (during which I lived on welfare and gave away $100,000 to a few special organizations in my area who are doing great work).

For years I've been sharing all my business how-to steps along the way, beginning with email newsletters, then Internet and information marketing, then business startup and growth strategies, new revenue streams, and more.

But there's a side of the story I never shared fully...

It's the REAL inside story....my personal spiritual journey that began in 2003. You see, a life event caused me to cry out for help, and I received an answer. And from that day forward, I developed a strong relationship with Spirit...God...the Universe.

And I noticed something... the more I nurtured this relationship, the easier I was pulled forward, and the less I had to push. As long as I listened to the guidance, my life (and income) continued to improve. As long as I kept my faith, there was no struggle.

It was the fuel for my business. My growth. My life.

There were surely some bumps in the road (and big ones, too!), but I noticed that as long as I stayed true to that voice of truth, I steered clear of any real trouble.

On the surface, I know people must have thought I was always in the right place at the right time. Or I was just lucky. Because it all looked like magic. And in a way, it was! But it's magic that we ALL have access to, right now.

Along the way I vowed to learn everything I could about this beautiful win-win partnership we have with Spirit, and that one day I'd share it completely. I've revealed bits and pieces here and there with my students, but I wasn't ready to come out with my entire story and the keys to unlocking this beautiful power.

The time has come.

So if you're ready to learn how YOU can claim this power you already have access to in your life and business, you're going to love my audio program...

After analyzing my own experiences, as well as years of mentoring hundreds of women entrepreneurs, and listening to the questions submitted of my 50,000+ followers, I have fast realized that...

Whenever you want to step into a greater version of you—be it starting a business, growing your enterprise, taking a better job, or any type of leap—it often comes with a newfound demand for increased courage and faith, and moving through some type of fear.

And THIS, most often, is the part that gets in our way! (I'll explain more about this below.)

And while I mostly mentor women, it makes sense that this holds most people back in general.

For example, right now there is more information available on how to become successful than ever before in history. You can easily find wealth-building advice in books, audios, videos, DVDs, classes, seminars, workshops, teleseminars, webinars, podcasts, articles, magazines, websites, and more. And most of the basic info is low-cost or even free to obtain.

Yet the most recent IRS statistic I found shares that less than 10% of the U.S. population earns more than $113,799 a year.

It's obvious that SUCCESS IS NOT just about following the how-to's.

As a sassy southern friend of mine once told me, "Honey, if the how-to's were enough, we'd ALL be thin, rich, and happy..."

I work with and witness women every day in my programs who bravely move through what it REALLY takes to become successful. They are some of the most courageous women I know, and after taking note of my personal journey over the past 10 years, as well as the journeys of some of my most successful students and coaching members, I arrived at 7 DISTINCT PHASES one goes through when stepping into the next level of themselves.

I debuted this material for the first time to members of my Millionaire Protégé Club (a leading coaching program for entrepreneurs that I led with my colleague James Roche). Our summer meeting was a more intimate one, and I felt it was safe ground to "test" these findings and also ask for feedback.

During this exclusive "closed door" session, I walked through the 7 PHASES in detail, from the first one that prepares you for this higher power, to the last one that has to do with "the shadow" (more on that coming in a minute).

I told the stories of when, on the outside everything looked like smooth sailing and effortless success, there was ALWAYS something going wonky behind the scenes! And on a few occasions it was terrifying, and even at times so painful I considered giving up.

(Have you had days like that? I want you to know that I sure have, and still do sometimes too. Please know this is completely normal. It's how we handle these days that makes all the difference, and that's what I'm sharing in Divine Success.)

Honestly, I was a bit nervous to share much of what I did. Many of my examples were from my own life, and events I hadn't spoken about much beforehand, including my early religious upbringing, my first true connection with Source, my short-lived marriage, and more.

When I looked out into the audience at the end of my talk, there were many women in tears. Several of them shared that I had finally voiced what they had gone through or were going through at that very moment, and they were extremely grateful. Some even felt a huge sense of relief.

One member shared, "Ali, you have finally described what I'm going through and I thought I was CRAZY because of it! Now I understand it's all part of the upleveling process. Thank you!"

I recorded this talk and am so excited to share it with you as part of Divine Success: The 7 Phases to Realizing Your Dreams.

On this powerful audio program, you'll discover:

In Divine Success, I start by reviewing a few principles that many of you may already be familiar with—gratitude, faith, clarity, attraction—but that's just the beginning.

What this program is REALLY about, and the reason I created it and am sharing it now, is to address the more challenging bits of moving into the next level of you. You see...

Before I worked for myself beginning in 1998, I remember being at my last job in New York City. I liked the work I was doing for clients at this little ad agency, but hated the 9-to-5 grind and being told how long I could take for lunch. But even more so, I felt like a candle struggling to say lit in a place of darkness. I've always been a person who feels things deeply, and every day I took in the energies of the other employees around me and felt their jadedness, cynicism about work and life, and negative outlooks. (That was what killed me more than anything else. I felt I was losing my soul.)

I desperately craved someone around me to care. Someone to say, "Hey Ali, you have a lot of potential, let me take you under my wing, let me mentor you, let me show you there are successful people doing good things in the world!"

But there was no one.

I was very lonely, wanting a better life but having no one to model or even talk with about this secret desire to do more, be more, give more to the world.

One of the best purchases I scraped up cash to buy that year was a set of Tony Robbins cassettes that I listened to on the subway going to and from work on my Walkman. Sad as it was, his was the ONLY positive voice I had in my ear for quite a long time. Someone to say "You can do this!" and "It's OK to want more from life!" and "Here's how successful people think differently...." I learned a lot.

But as I studied many of those old school mindset masters, there was a piece missing for me. They were talking a lot about how to think, and what to do, but it was all left brained, linear directions.

These guys didn't even touch on the deep parts of darkness that I was going through. They chanted advice like "Fight your fears!" and "Conquer the enemy!" and "Slay your doubts!" I tried to emulate their thinking, but it just wasn't that easy.

Maybe it was because I was a woman, but every time I stepped out into something better for myself, I felt UNSAFE.

Wow, I finally nailed it.

Ladies, isn't that what you feel?

We hold back whenever we feel unsafe.

Those guys never talked about that. The emotions.

I was scared every day.

And I'll let you in on a little secret... I still am.

But that's how I roll.

The trick was learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Becoming certain in uncertainty.

Knowing you truly are safe.

Knowing God will catch you when you fall.

Knowing you'll always get what you need, when you need it.

Making faith not something you do, but a way of life.

Sounds beautiful, doesn't it?

I know, I love the idea. Don't you?

Until, as they say, "shit happens"!


Let me explain...

Early in my entrepreneurial career, I noticed when I began making strides, or anytime I made a leap, something else in my life would go wonky. It could be a relationship erupting, an opportunity disappearing, a health problem arising, or even a client I loved suddenly deciding not to work with me.

I was heartbroken and wondering why these things were happening. Basically another part of my life would turn to chaos!

As I began my spiritual studies I sought an answer to this issue, but I couldn't find any that gave an explanation. So I began calling it "the shadow".

You see, whenever you step into your next version of success, it's not unusual that all hell can start to break loose in other areas of your life!

These times were the hardest for me, and still are. In fact, there were several times I was literally lying on the floor sobbing, feeling as if everything was falling apart.

Just as when someone's playing a beautiful song on the piano and then hits a key that's horribly out of tune, you'll notice this friction for sure. We often don't add it up in our heads that this discord has to do with anything else in our lives. But it does. It's ALL connected.

As your vibration raises, anything that's not in alignment with it is in disharmony. It will bubble up to the surface to be handled. And it gets icky for a bit.

And this is the part where most people STOP.

Did you catch that?

This is the part where most people say "What's going on? This is too much. Something weird is happening, and I'm just going to go back where I was, because it feels more comfortable and safe."

And BAM — their dream is never realized. Often it was right around the corner, too. It's so sad.

The thing is, this icky part often has to happen. And this transition is happening for a reason. Even though it may not feel comfortable, it will be worked through! And often you don't even have to do anything about it yourself! The Universe will take care of things.

But so many get scared and bail.

But my students and I have learned to embrace these little tests, because these "breakdowns" always come before big breakthroughs!

Don't worry... I'll explain it all in Divine Success, and how to handle it with grace.

And even better, I'll tell you within the 7 phases exactly WHEN you can expect these little explosions to happen! (Wouldn't that be good to know?)

Listen, this isn't complicated or hard, but it's important someone tells you all this!

And here's the reward, far greater than all the riches in the world...

One of the best pieces of advice I ever received about money was this: You don't become a millionaire for the million dollars.... Instead, you become a millionaire for the person you become in the process.

You MUST learn more about this process and embrace it. Because this isn't something you do once. You will do this every day, with every decision you make. It becomes your way of being. Living in grace and ease. Understanding the process.

Continually going through these phases and not being afraid to step into the next version of you, over and over, and over.

If you've lost your way and are ready to reclaim your faith, or want to power-up your relationship with your higher power, you are going to love this audio.

I want to make it clear also how important leveraging your higher power can be to dramatically help you increase the money in your life. You know, gaining the power to earn more in my business and life has truly changed me... in a VERY GOOD way.

Money is simply an energy exchange. But working hard isn't the answer on its own. (I'm sure you've figured this out for yourself. I sure have.)

It's when you put your energy in the right place; your mind, heart, and soul in the right place; AND combine it with all the action you can take... from where you are... with what you have—THAT brings the money.

The BEST definition I've ever heard for being "financially free" isn't about having a certain dollar amount in the bank. It's knowing you can create income over and over and over, even if you lost it all somehow. THAT is true freedom! (Makes sense, especially when you consider how many people lost their shirt in the stock market and real estate in the last few years.)

So by learning these skills for Divine Success, you can tap into the fuel it takes to create these windfalls of income in your life when you need them.

"I was deeply moved by Ali's session, because I felt like it took all the small shards of what I learned through my experience and put them all together into something that felt right, real and finally made sense. I never thought to take the challenges as the shifting that needed to take place to get to the next thing - but it makes total sense looking back. It left me with a greater strength and confidence that I can trust myself during these times, and have confidence that it will be ok - no matter what. It also validated that moving through these more uncertain times, and listening closely, will bring value and new perspective. It left me in a place where I can now view these in a positive light, with positive energy and not the opposite.

- Margot Knorr Mancini, Bolton, Mass., www.tech4pub.com

"I took away so much from the topic, Ali, these were concepts that not many mentors are talking about. There is so much "tactical" information out there, however, much of success is based on mindset, belief and blind faith at times. It's having that faith in our Source that will be our guide to overcome challenges. When business, life, etc. get challenging, it's much more refreshing to turn it over to our Source and be in the flow, than to worry about it.

This was an emotional and life-altering topic for me, Ali. Thanks for sharing your personal experience about it so we could gain such an invaluable secret of success!"

- Vidette Vanderweide, Dana Point, Calif., www.DitchYourJobNow.com

"Here are my Divine Success Takeaway's from Ali's presentation at the Networking Event: Letting go can be scary, but when I recognize, learn from, and deal with any disruptions that come my way, I am now more prepared and can just acknowledge the fear for what it is, and keep moving forward. Ali helped me see that hiding behind my fear serves no one, and that it is time to become visible and step up into the role I was divinely designed to play."

- Kristi Olson, Woodbury, Minn., www.TheSparkleEffect.com

"Just before Ali's session at the retreat I shared how I had been going through some challenging times earlier in the year and felt bad that I hadn't asked for support. It's what a lot of us women entrepreneurs do – push through, say nothing and be brave. It's important for us to recognize that these bumps and shadows and fears may be part of our journey to success AND that this is stuff us women should embrace, talk about, and get support around. I commend Ali and the others in the amazing MPC group for being so open and transparent. This session really moved me Ali - and I thank you!"

- Trudy Scott, Folsom, Calif., www.antianxietyfoodsolution.com

"I just finished listening to this this morning. I'm about to take a huge leap of faith in my life. This program reaffirmed that while I may have fear about it at times, I know that trusting my heart and intuition will lead me in the right direction and it will all work out the way it's supposed to. The timing of this program couldn't have been better for me! Thank you."

- Lori Latimer, Atlanta, Ga., www.lorilatimer.com

"Thanks for your latest audio. I have been in spiritual communication with Source but have not manifested success in my business and support myself financially, and have always tried to trust and follow my inner guidance. Recently I had a real financial crisis and am in 'Surrender Mode', I am asking for Spirit to work through me. I am very grateful that you have revealed this part of your Self and your journey... Thanks Ali for being in service!"

- Natasha Zeligs, www.bodyrenewal.org

"It IS a fantastic program! It's totally assisting me in getting out of my own way and stepping into my higher self. Thank you Ali. Thank you spirit."

- Naima Singletary, San Francisco, Calif., www.billiondollarcourage.com

  • You've been working SO hard and doing all the things you know you're supposed to be doing, but it's just not coming together

  • You're feeling stuck right now in your business or life and are ready for things to flow freely again

  • You've lost touch with your faith and are ready to reclaim it

  • You're really feeling restless, with a knowing there's something GREAT around the corner but you don't know what it is or when it's coming

  • You feel as if you're being "tested" by the Universe—in your finances, your relationships, or even your health

  • You've been noticing whenever you go for something big, other things in your business or life start to go wonky, and it's wearing you out

  • You're open-minded, willing to "try on" new ideas, and enjoy broadening your perspective of life

  • You won't be offended by my possibly using words other than the ones you prefer when referring to our higher power (e.g. God, Spirit, Universe, Source)

So won't you join me? Come learn how to tap into your existing inner guidance and discover your personal path for effortless success. (Imagine having the correct answer on hand for any question that may come up during your journey!)

Remember, this session was held at a private meeting for a renowned coaching program I used to lead, called the Millionaire Protégé Club. These members paid an average of $10,000 to work with me for an entire year. They are the few entrepreneurs I shared this deeper material with, the more advanced strategies to be aware of so they could overcome their own upleveling challenges.

At first I debated sharing this session publicly, as it was very personal to me and at times quite emotional as well, as you'll hear on the audio. But the feedback I received was so encouraging to me that this information NEEDS to get out there and into the hands of more women (and men) who are serious about success. And they agreed I should release this particular session as a product.

So I'm making available the entire recording of this exclusive "closed door" session—over 2 1/2 hours of audio— for just $197. I'm also giving you the option to pay in easy monthly installments, if you'd like.

You can download this audio INSTANTLY and listen to it directly on your computer or upload it to your iPod or other mp3 player.

ALSO you get a complete written TRANSCRIPT of this entire audio session, which is great to follow along and make notes on, or refer to later when you want to recall a specific point or story.

You're going to LOVE having this product in your success library and being able to listen to it over and over for years to come.

Now get ready, because I've got something else for you too...

To break out of your current money zone, you've got to break out of your comfort zone. That's when you start making LEAPS and stop climbing rung by rung.

You see, the biggest difference between entrepreneurs and business owners is how they view RISK. And it's really all about your perception. If you think it's risky to be an entrepreneur these days, consider how risky it is to stake your financial future on being a corporate employee, or the stock market—especially with all that's happening today.

And that's why, when you invest in "Divine Success," you'll get a digital copy of "Stop Ladder-Climbing, Start LEAPING — for Faster Business Growth and Profits!" absolutely FREE.

On this one-time only call valued at $97, I revealed my own secrets to pushing fear aside and making those big leaps.

This program is yours FREE as my gift to you for saying YES to "Divine Success".

Not only will you get instant access to the audio, but you'll also receive the PDF transcript from the call, so you can refer to this content again and again and reinforce all the gems that I share with you!

No powerful program would be complete without addressing the underlying MINDSET that you must develop in order to run a business.

That's why Divine Success also includes this powerful audio session with me.

Being an entrepreneur requires a different mindset and a different mental skill set—and this is exactly what I dive into in this transformative audio, which is based on a LIVE call I hosted in spring 2012.

In this audio, you'll discover:

  • How to step into your new "entrepreneur mindset". (And shed old ways of thinking and past programming)

  • Overcoming FEAR as you take risks and grow your business. (It's time to get comfortable with being uncomfortable!)

  • Handling criticism or anxiety from family and friends. (This is natural... here's what to do)

  • Shifts to expect as you step into your higher purpose. (When you uplevel, it affects other areas of your life)

  • Ways to maintain optimism and keep the faith as you progress. (You will be tested! Here's how to navigate...)

Get ready for powerful insights, so YOU can better handle the obstacles that lie in your path to success.

With "7 Mindset Secrets", you get:

1. MP3 RECORDING so you can listen to it over and over on your computer, iPod, or other MP3 player.

5. PDF TRANSCRIPT of the audio, so you can hone in on those areas that you want to review, take notes, etc.

My aim is for you to be 100% satisfied with "Divine Success", and if for some reason you aren't completely satisfied with this product, I want to make sure you end up happy. If you let my team know within 30 days of your purchase about your situation, we'll give you an equivalent CREDIT to use on any product in my online Success Store.

I also want to make sure you have ONGOING support and updated information on a regular basis. That's why I'm also giving you an opportunity to try a membership in my Success Club®! This exciting program delivers...

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If you're ready to step into YOUR own Divine Success, reclaim your relationship with Spirit and Source, and discover my personal secrets for staying strong during your next metamorphosis into the new YOU, don't miss out on this special offer! Let me be your personal mentor in this area and share what I've NEVER revealed before—except for your ears only. Claim your copy of Divine Success now here and download it INSTANTLY by clicking below...

I'm delighted and honored to be on this journey together.

Love and success,

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