Income Publishing Strategies with Entrepreneur Mentor Ali Brown & "InfoProduct Guy" James Roche

Let entrepreneur mentor Ali Brown and "InfoProduct Guy" James Roche share
their insider secrets on how you can create information products that SELL...

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Wednesday, 8:30am
From: Ali Brown, Los Angeles, Calif.
and James Roche, Miami, Fl.

Dear Entrepreneur, Solo-preneur, or Small Business Owner,

As a savvy business owner or aspiring entrepreneur, you've probably noticed that there's a BIG shift taking place in the way people choose to make money these days.

Just think, how do YOU earn a living right now?

If you're a:

If your quality of life and income depend on any of the above, you've chosen to make money using a traditional work model. And, if you're reading this, we can guess that deep in your heart, you truly believe that there MUST be a better way to make money...

Well, the GREAT news is there IS a smarter way to make a comfortable—even luxurious—living without being chained to your desk (or a client) for the rest of your life...

If you look at some of the most inspiring success stories—from Apple CEO Steve Jobs to the author of the wildly successful Harry Potter novels, J.K. Rowlings—you'll find one thing in common: They invested their time and energy to create a quality product, and now they get paid for that product again, and again, and again and again. And that product will continue to pay them for a lifetime (and probably the lifetimes of their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren!).

But you don't have to be a computer whiz or a creative genius to achieve this type of success. In fact, as you read this, there are regular Janes and Joes making an extra $500 to $5,000 a month creating and selling their own products and enjoying the freedom-based lifestyle of their dreams—and they don't have stores, employees, or any inventory!

Women and men of all ages, businesses, and backgrounds are making money online by publishing information products (also called "information marketing" or "info-products").

And we're no exception...

Hi, Ali Brown and James Roche here. You likely recognize us as the founder and head coach, respectively, of the online business training program Elevate. We've sold millions of dollars in information products combined over the years. And once we caught the bug, it changed the way we worked and lived forever...

Years ago, I decided to sell my first little e-book. Humble as it was, I remember being so nervous about posting it for sale online that I thought my heart would beat out of my chest!

But my fears quickly dissipated when I saw order after order ($$$) stack up in my email inbox, while I was out at the gym. I became so excited about this new passive revenue that I vowed to learn everything about it that I could. And I grew that great little income stream of an extra few hundred dollars a month into what is today a multimillion-dollar business.

That means I've gone from getting paid for my time to getting paid for my knowledge.

My life used to be "Work... get paid."

It's now... "Work... get paid, paid, paid, paid, paid, paid, paid, paid!"

But here's what I love the most about my business (and ladies, listen up because I know this will resonate with those of you who are raising children and caring for loved ones)...

This type of business is 100% scalable, meaning you can choose to let it be a little cash cow on the side that will pay for your shoe obsession or annual Cabo getaways—or you can go big, like I did, and hire a team of full-time employees so you can truly build an empire. The decision is up to YOU!

Before I became an entrepreneur, my life was devoted to meditation and service. I spent much of my time traveling the western United States giving informational talks and teaching meditation.

...but something STILL wasn't right. I was broke!

The turning point happened around 2003 when I heard the word "entrepreneur" with new ears. I knew somehow that I could blend the western and eastern philosophies together to give my gift to the world.

I thought everything would be smooth sailing from then on but I couldn't seem to find my niche. Some of the businesses I tried to launch were: candle maker, life coach, organizer, photographer, woodworker, multi level marketing, carpenter...the list goes on. Even though I was skilled in so many areas, it was hard to translate my passions into a profitable business. Sound familiar?

Then one bright day, I happened to walk into a networking event in Los Angeles with an information product I had just finished creating with a colleague. It was a binder with about 150 pages and 8 CDs.

I got swarmed!

People surrounded me and asked how I did it and could I make an information product for them, too? I was stunned! I remember driving out of the basement garage after that event, literally driving into the light, when it struck me, "I think I just found my niche!"

I became the "InfoProduct Guy" creating information products for entrepreneurs all over the world in a wide variety of industries.

What I love about this business model is that it truly is a "lifestyle business". My office is anywhere I choose—whether it's my high-rise condo on Miami Beach, a Starbucks around the corner, or a café in Vienna. Plus, I do the work once, and there's no cap on the amount of money I'll make from that initial time investment.

Okay, we know what you're thinking...

We've painted quite the picture for you, but now you're probably wondering why anyone would give you money for information when the Internet is overloaded with FREE articles, tips, and e-books on every topic under the sun. Maybe you've even created your own info product and you're not exactly getting "paid, paid, paid" like you thought you would.

Well, listen up, because...

In the last few years, the information publishing (or "information marketing") industry has gotten a bad rap—and it's actually no surprise why. The Internet and all the do-it-yourself website and blog programs have made it possible for anyone and everyone to create a product and promote it via email, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Many of these products are excellent and packed with valuable information—but the sad news is, even MORE of these products are poorly thought out and sloppily executed.

And those who have fallen for the "infocrap" trap (by either creating a subpar product or buying one) are the first ones to cry out that the information industry is dead.

But that's simply not true. You see...

Information is nothing new, but these days people aren't looking for more of it. They're looking for distilled information. People actively subscribe to their favorite online magazines. They download e-books on nifty Kindles and iPads. In fact, the Association of American Publishers reports that in 2011 e-book sales have already gone UP by about 202%. And we haven't even talked about the audio book industry (which by the way, has now grown into what is today a $900 million arena!)

The medium might have gone digital, but one thing has stayed the same:

When people want or need to know something specific to their interests, they are more than happy to pay for the RIGHT information.

Every day, money is being made with every topic under the sun — raw food recipes, meeting your mate, losing weight, financial planning, talking with angels, interior decorating... you name it. And every minute, people are paying good money for their e-books, reports, CDs, DVDs, MP3s, courses, and more.

But, you can't just grab any topic out of thin air and expect to make thousands of dollars a month on it. People are willing to pay for your knowledge, but you have to make sure to plan ahead to create a product that people will actually want!

For years, James and I have helped our individual clients plan and create profitable infoproducts of their own. I've even taught it as part of my more extensive courses for years! But in 2011, James and I decided to team up and dedicate a specific telecourse to this topic. It was a highly anticipated course, and the response was through the roof!

And that's why we're so excited to finally be making this content available to you in an information-packed home-study program that you can keep in your Success Library for years to come.


Note we have coined the term "IncomePublishing" because we want to only focus on helping you create an info-product that actually makes you MONEY.

So, how do you know if this program is for you?

We've helped clients of all backgrounds and experience levels grow their income by four-to-six figures a month by creating information products in their niche.

Here's just a SAMPLING of the types of clients we've mentored over the years, helping them create profitable info-products:

  • Life Coaches

  • Sales Experts

  • Holistic Coaches

  • Energy Healers

  • Autism Experts

  • Chiropractors

  • Copywriters

  • Interior Designers

  • Professional Organizers

  • Law of Attraction Coaches

  • Psychics

  • Graphic Designers

  • Real Estate Professionals

  • Financial Planners

  • Lactation Consultants

  • Event Planners

  • Business Consultants

  • Raw Food Experts

  • Interior Decorators

  • Researchers

  • Lawyers

  • Public Relations Professionals

  • Success Coaches

  • Personal Trainers

  • Nutritionists

  • Quilters

  • Marketing Consultants

  • Image Consultants

  • Network Marketers

Imagine adding a NEW income stream to your business right away! Or starting a new business from scratch based on the knowledge you already have. You'll not only think about working in a new, smarter way, but you'll also have our simple system to refer to again and again, so you can create profitable, high-quality products that consistently attract rave reviews from the people that matter most—your ideal customers.

In our "IncomePublishing Strategies" program, you'll finally start to see how you can create product after product to build a lifelong stream of income. Trust us when we say that you'll be BLOWN AWAY by how simple we will make it to leverage your knowledge for profits.

So let's get to the real juicy stuff... here's what you'll learn in this information-packed program:

Before you waste hours of time and energy creating an information product, you must do a little prep work. If you skip this initial step, you're going to end up with a less than stellar product that might not sell the way you'd hoped.

The vast majority of people ignore this step, and that's why, simply taking the time to thoughtfully plan out what you're going to deliver and to whom will give you a huge leg up from the competition. Here's what we'll dive into...

What makes an information product a hit? A delicate balance of quality content delivered in a package that garners the applause of your target market.

This module is devoted to product creation—getting that idea out of your brain and into a format that your market can easily digest. And you don't have to be a writer, graphic designer, or an audio/video engineer in order to make something that gets rave reviews. We'll show you the shortcuts, from outsourcing to our proven formulas that will make this process a snap.

We'll walk you through the following...

Image does matter, especially when you're trying to sell a product from behind your computer screen. (We're all for working in pajamas, but SOMETHING has to be out there making that first impression for you! ;)) But, how do you make your product look great without spending a lot of money?

In this module, we'll show you how to package and fulfill your product orders, even if you're on a budget. And we'll also give you our top marketing and sales strategies so you can generate a steady stream of income for years to come, instead of launching just once, and watching your product vanish into oblivion.

Here's what we'll get into...

Bonus Audio on Instructional Content Design with James Roche

Think back to those mentors in your life who truly passed on their wisdom and passion to you. Maybe it was your high-school calculus teacher, or perhaps a life coach. These are the teachers you never forget—and the ones who you'll happily refer to anyone you know. Now, imagine that YOU are that sought-after mentor. You're at the top of your field, and you're the one to go to in your area of expertise...

In this very special bonus audio, you'll move towards instructional excellence, so you'll not only be seen as an expert in your field, but you'll also gain recognition as an effective teacher that stands above the rest. Led by James, this session will start with keys to developing effective instructional content, then move into the essential steps to presenting your content in a way that engages and educates your audience. This is where you can truly get that competitive edge—and you won't find a module like this in any of the other courses out there... Here's what you'll learn:

Q&A Bonus Audio with Ali and James

Whether you were stumped by one of the homework assignments, or you've been dying to know how to make that one thing "click" on your infoproduct-in-progress, this is where you will hear the most commonly asked questions on this topic and get rock-solid answers, and hear real-life examples from fellow info-publishers.

Many of our students share that these are their favorite audios because they learn the MOST from listening to other's questions and situations. So listen in, and make sure you take notes!

Oh, and one more thing...

This bonus is no longer available—congratulations to the first 50 people who took fast action!

Be one of the FIRST 50 people to act and we'll ship you a FREE copy of our friend Robert's Skrob's info-marketing bible, "The Official Get Rich Guide to Information Marketing: Build a Million Dollar Business Within 12 Months"

In the 250+ information-packed pages, you'll learn:

But remember, we only have 50 FREE copies to give away! So you must act fast to make one of them yours!

Need some inspiration?

Here are a few quick success stories of various business owners who have learned about info-publishing from Ali and James...

Created info products and now has 40% more time to spend on her higher-end clients!

"Business was booming BUT: I was working way too hard – long days and no time off. James helped me transform and streamline the front end of my business with info products. I now have 40% more time to focus on my profitable high-end clients (and my flower hobby). Awesome!"

- Tommi Wolfe, Longmont, Colo.,

Created several info products with Ali's program that led to increasing her list by over 20%!

"After implementing the information in Ali's program on info products, I created several products that led to increasing my list by over 20%. The products give me an additional income stream that continually impacts my bottom line. It's amazing how by simply following the program, my business experiences consistent sales."

- Doreen Rainey, Bowie, Md.

Created 4 info products and increased her list by 33%!

"When I first met Ali, I told her I had tons of products in my head and no idea how to get them out. She gave me some coaching from the stage, and then after joining her coaching program in January, I created 6 products including 2 continuity programs. I've increased my list by over 33% by doing teleseminars to introduce my first product. I plan to follow up with product launches using Ali's methods and coaching!"

- Jessica Sitomer, Los Angeles, Calif.,

Used James's step-by-step guidance to develop info products from beginning to end!

"Before I was exposed to James Roche I was at a total loss as I tried, time and time again to develop my info product only to find myself (once again) back at the drawing board feeling totally frustrated and exasperated with my fruitless labors.

Luckily, James came along and rescued me from a sea of confusion and despair. He was a lifesaver. James provided an easy, systematic formula/program that took me, literally, step-by–step towards the development of my info product from beginning to end.

James, I couldn't have done it without you! I will be forever grateful. Truly."

- Dr. Patty Ann, Stamford, Conn.,

Within a year she created a six-figure business and today, five years later, info products are still a vital part of her business model!

"I launched my online business with one simple recipe eBook priced at $15. A few weeks later I launched a second eBook at $22. Those two small items ended up covering my rent and paying my grocery bill every single month while I grew my business as a single mother. Within a year I had created a six-figure business and today, five years later, info products are still a vital part of my business model. I love them!"

- Karen Knowler, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, UK,

With IncomePublishing™ Strategies, You Get:

1. THREE 60-MINUTE AUDIO RECORDINGS with Ali and James walking you through their information-packed "IncomePublishing" course curriculum, step by step. (Audios run approximately 60-90 minutes each.)

2. A SPECIAL BONUS AUDIO where James will reveal his simple 4-step plan for designing and teaching effective content

3. A BONUS Q&A AUDIO where you'll get to hear Ali and James expert solutions to real-world questions asked during the live telecourse. Many say they learn the MOST from hearing other's questions and situations.

4. HANDOUTS from the audio recordings, to help you follow along and best retain what you learn

5. PDF TRANSCRIPTS of all audios, so you can read through them again and again, or look up a particular point quickly

6. BONUS VIDEO: "Online Market Research Made Easy" - In this bonus video you get to look over James' shoulder as he shows you his simple method to discover niches that sell. You'll learn step-by-step how to narrow your topic down to the ones that are virtually guaranteed to make you money. He'll show you the simple and FREE online tools you can use to discover your niche and keywords.

You can see, Ali and James are including everything they can to set you up for success!

PLUS... you get a Membership in my Success Club®
for only $9.97 per month

I also want to make sure you have ONGOING support and updated information on a regular basis. That's why I'm also giving you an opportunity to try a membership in my Success Club™! This exciting program delivers...

You don't have to wait -- your membership benefits will begin as soon as your purchase is complete. This offer is optional, but if you accept it your credit card will automatically begin being charged only $9.97 a month for this great value. If at any time you want to cancel your membership, simply let us know via phone or email and we will STOP your membership immediately.

"If for any reason IncomePublishing Strategies doesn't meet your expectations, I want to make sure you end up happy. If you let my team know within 30 days of your purchase about your situation, we'll give you an equivalent CREDIT to use on ANY product in my online Success Store.

No reason needed.

And that's my promise!"

Get ready to learn how to build a profitable income stream to your business using knowledge you already have from not just one but TWO wildly successful experts on this topic!

Many of you have been asking for a dedicated program like this for quite some time, and we're THRILLED to finally be able to dig into this topic with you.

So tell us... are you ready to learn the SECRET ART of developing quality information products that sell, so you can finally put it to work for you as one of your most effective passive marketing tools?

Then click on the link below, and get your copy of this highly anticipated program now!

Love and success,

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don't apply to the average attendee/purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.

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