Get Your Hands on Ali Brown's Complete System to Teach YOU How She Has Grown Her List From "10 People and a Cat" to 60,000 Prospects, Clients, and Customers Who Buy Again and Again! (And You Can Do It Too!)

From: Ali Brown
Los Angeles, Calif., U.S.A.

Dear Entrepreneur, Solo-preneur, Blogger, and Social Media Marketer,

Whether you're a solo-preneur of a small home-based service business or you're heading up a team selling products from multiple locations, growing your venture takes a lot of work. But did you know there are some very effective methods for building your list of prospects that are inexpensive (even free!) and actually quite simple to implement? And once you get a list-building system up and running that actually works for you, you can easily accomplish your list-building goals AND reduce a lot of the hard work to a mere fraction of all the time and effort (and maybe money) you're expending now.

Are you...

  • Trying to sell your products and services one-to-one... in an uphill climb that sucks up so much of your time with meetings and phone calls that you don't have the energy left to actually DO the work that you love (and that your clients are paying for!)?

  • Tired of having to go out and do a complete one-on-one selling job every time you need a new client... and having to start from the same old tedious 'square one' with each and every appointment?

  • Frustrated by not knowing where to find interested new prospects for your list... or then if you do, you can't get them to visit your website to sign up for your list?

  • Getting people to come to your site but they're just not subscribing to your list?

  • Growing a substantial list of subscribers but finding it difficult to convert them into buying customers... with cash in hand, ready to spend?

  • Attracting lots of 'freebie-seekers' to your list—the ones who never really buy?

If it feels like you're at your wit's end, knowing you have a great product or service and a strong marketing plan, but you're just not seeing the sales you hoped for...

The problem might be with your mailing list. And if you're asking yourself "What mailing list?" at this point, we BOTH know that's a serious problem that needs to be fixed... NOW!

Here's why...

When I left my job at an agency in New York City to start my own business about 10 years ago, I had no idea how much work would go into generating clients for my new start-up!

From the beginning, I knew I needed to get out and meet people. I made cold calls and set up appointments with potential new clients. I also knew I needed to network. I met some great people, and had a nice time... but it was taking up almost ALL of my time! I was spending so much time and energy just trying to find new clients that I had practically no time to do any of my real work for the one or two clients I did have. (Let alone being too exhausted to even have a life after work!) Soon I'd built up a collection of business cards, but I really didn't know how to convert the new prospects I did meet into paying clients.

So I went to the library for books on marketing and success... you know, getting the basics so I could get started.

Using my second-hand computer from the rickety kitchen table in my tiny little apartment, I started sending out a short email newsletter every week to share tips on what I knew about writing effective marketing communication for clients. And I included a promotional paragraph about my business at the end of every issue. Before long, I had about 10 people on my list, including my parents and my cat. (Okay, my cat Francine wasn't really on my mailing list... but she listened intently as I read each email message aloud to her before sending them out, so I think she was a fan!)

For the first few weeks not very much happened. Then I started getting requests saying "Hey, my friend or colleague forwarded your ezine to me (that's when I learned what I was sending out was called an "ezine") and I'd like to get on your list!" Then more requests, saying "I like your newsletter and these tips you're sending out... give me a quote for writing a newsletter for my company" or "...a brochure for my company," or "Why don't you come in to tell us what you can do for our catalog?"

See, I started getting business!

To make a long story short, it all started with my ezine. Slowly but surely, my list—and my business—kept growing. And I realized that other business owners could enjoy the same growth and success I was experiencing. So I decided to do something I'd always dreamed of—I started to write a book, compiled from all the articles and tips I'd written along the way. I was really encouraged when I found out I didn't need to find a publisher for my book. Instead, I could do what was called an e-book. So I published my e-book online, as a digital download that cost me nothing to distribute! I put up a dinky little webpage, and offered my e-book for sale at $27 each.

I'll never forget that day...

My heart was pounding when I sent out that email to my measly little list, asking if they wanted to buy my new e-book. And they did! Sales came in, and because I set everything up the right way, with sales hooked right into my bank account, I had money!

The best part? Money was coming in even when I wasn't actually working!

Finally I had "passive income." That's the day that I really got excited about using leverage in my business. I started learning everything I could about information marketing... about using the Internet... direct mail and marketing online... I just soaked it all up. And quickly implemented everything I could that was within my budget.

Now fast forward to today, my company generates multiple millions of dollars per year. And in 2009, I ranked in the Inc. 500 list of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S. I live in my dream house, here at the beach in Southern California. The revenues and connections I've made have enabled me to enjoy amazing experiences like going to the Grammy Awards, and spending a week with billionaire entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson on his private island in the Caribbean.

To think it all started out with a miniscule email list—just 10 people (including my parents and my cat!)—is mind-boggling. And it didn't take a lot of money to market my business and grow it to the level that I have today.

With the prevalence of the Internet and social media, business owners can effectively market to hundreds, thousands, even millions of people at no or very low cost. And we're all seeing this trend with the explosion of ezines, blogs, and social media tools that are online today.

But here's the new problem...

Just because everyone 'can' use these tools, it doesn't mean that they're working them properly and getting the best results possible. Putting something out for your readers is almost always better than nothing at all, but there are a few key issues and strategies to keep in mind if you want to keep your list growing.

For example, sales of my first e-book were plugging along for a little while. But as sales leveled off and even began to drop, I recognized the problem. Using my ezine as a marketing tool was great, and it had helped me grow a decent-sized list as a new business owner. But my ezine alone couldn't grow my list as fast as I needed it to grow. And if my list didn't grow, my business wouldn't grow either!

The problem was that ONE list-building tool just didn't cut it. What I really needed was an entire list-building tool kit!

PLUS, there's one behind-the-scenes issue that becomes VERY critical for your business' survival, especially if you've been publishing your ezine for a while...

Think of your favorite, fast-moving team sport, such as basketball, soccer, or hockey. You can't expect a professional basketball team to win if the same five players play the entire game. They might be star players, but they're not machines, and without additional teammates to give them a breather now and then, they'd collapse from exhaustion before half time!

The same is true with your mailing list. If you constantly expose the same small group of prospects to your promotions over and over again, you'll exhaust them. It's vital for your business to continually find new prospects—potential new customers or clients—or you'll never survive. You might limp along for a while, but that's not growth. It's planning for failure.

Since the birth of the Internet and the direct-response marketing industry before it, massive companies have been created by using this basic but very important rule:

The larger your well-targeted mailing list, the more successful your company will be.

As a smart entrepreneur, you're aware that if you want to grow your business—not just to survive, but to actually thrive, grow, and prosper—then you MUST grow your list. By continually adding new prospects to your mailing list, week after week, you've got many new opportunities to promote your services or products, and make new sales. And as you see your mailing list grow, you'll also see your sales soar!

But you don't want to fill up your mailing list with everybody and anybody. To get the biggest bang for your buck, it's important to attract qualified leads who are actually interested in your products or services and most likely to buy them!

After learning from some of the best online marketing gurus, as well as experimenting on my own over the years, I've distilled the secrets to identifying and successfully mining new opportunities to win thousands of new, highly qualified prospects. As a result, my company has grown from my original one-woman, studio-apartment-based business to the global, multimillion-dollar enterprise I lead today.

And I can teach you how to do it, too, with my most effective list-building tool kit ever! I'm thrilled to announce my brand new home-study program, in which I teach YOU how to develop your own system to build your list and generate new clients or customers and passive-income sales—without spending your valuable time and exhausting your energy week after week trying figure it out all by yourself.

It's My List Building System: Strategies, Tools, and Secrets to Grow Your Own Profitable List of Prospects Who Buy!

In my "List Building System", I personally show you everything you need to know TODAY to get your list-building machine up and running smoothly (instead of sputtering on the back burner of your " to do later" list).

These are the same proven strategies and tools I use with my team, including updated techniques and tools that I teach my own coaching students for growing their lists as fast and as hands-free as possible. You'll learn exactly what we've done to build my own list from "10 people and a cat" to nearly 50,000 members today. And as you learn and implement the valuable list-building secrets I share, you'll discover how you can spot many new opportunities, win new qualified prospects, and build your list to stack your business successes one on top of another—and keep growing your list. In fact, once your list-building system is up and running, your list will actually seem to grow itself, practically hands-free, as if you'd set it on auto-pilot!

My New Digital List Building System is your step-by-step plan for list-growth success

As with all good business planning, my system starts you off right by teaching you to plan for growth, getting you clear on the "who-what-when-why-and-how" of where you are right now and where you want to go. Then, with your list-building 'roadmap' in hand, you'll have a clear purpose and direction behind every move you make. Decisions are easy; the details that come later won't overwhelm you because you can discern right away if something complements your strategic plan now ... or if it's something to keep in mind for the future as your company grows.

Then we'll jump into the nuts-and-bolts of where and how to mine new prospects by reaching them in all the places where they hang out, online and off—and how to position yourself quickly and easily as THE leading source of information in your market so you can draw those really hot prospects. You'll learn the best places to start getting subscribers, as well as how to actually set up your website with an opt-in form, graphics, audio/video, and other subtle tools (and a few that are not so subtle... but VERY effective!)

You'll learn a whole variety of methods to build your list surely and steadily, including ezines, websites, social media, and more. But that's not all. This system will teach you advanced list-building methods that bring surges of traffic to grow your list FAST, for those times when you need a quick influx of new prospects and buying customers or clients.

Plus, there's a section with valuable tips about where and how you can inject your real personality into your marketing messages in subtle ways... to generate trust and familiarity with your business audience as genuinely as you do with all of your friends. This is key to converting prospects into long-term, loyal customers or clients who actually buy from you.

Your List Building System covers the following topics in detail:

  • THE LIST LOWDOWN: Learn why your list is your most important business asset, and specific reasons why you want to build it, and keep building it.

  • PLAN FOR GROWTH: How List Building Fits into the Big Picture of Your Business - Here's where I show you how to plot your list-building 'roadmap' to set up your list-building machine the right way, right from the start.

  • GET REAL: How the Real YOU Wins Real Prospects - Tips you may never have thought of to inject your own personality into your marketing and why it works. (There are plenty of wrong ways to do this, and you must know how to do it right!)

  • GETTING STARTED: List-Building Basics - learn the differences between different kinds of mailing lists so you know the ideal type of list you really want to build, and how to start finding those self-qualified prospects who WANT to sign up for your mailing list and are interested in buying your products and services.

  • GET YOUR WEBSITE IN GEAR: Preparing to "Capture" Visitors - What good is your website if prospects visit, take a look around, and then click away without bothering to subscribe to your mailing list? Learn the cool tools and little tricks that will have your visitors EAGER to join your list!

  • WEB TRAFFIC: Drive More Visitors to Your Site! This is what it's all about - prospects need to find your website before they can sign up for your mailing list. Here, I'll share some ideas to drive prospects to your website AND get them to sign up for your mailing list. This chapter will whet your appetite for all the real traffic-driving tactics to follow...

  • JOINT VENTURES: Tit for Tat—I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours (Customer Emails, That Is...) Learn the powerful strategies and tips I teach my high-end coaching tier about joint ventures—how to find the right partners, and then structure profitable, equitable deals that allow each of you to share your prospect and client/customer email addresses with each other (without really showing each other your lists).

  • AFFILIATE PROGRAMS: Get Affiliates to Send You Their Customers Once you set one up, an affiliate program is one of the smartest and easiest ways to bring in floods of new prospects and customers/clients. Your affiliates do most of the marketing for you—and you reap the benefit of sales and a bigger list!

  • SOCIAL NETWORKING PART 1: Round Up New Prospects! Learn the marketing ins and outs of attracting the right new prospects to your list with the popular social media sites Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and MeetUp.

  • SOCIAL NETWORKING PART 2: Round Up New Prospects! Learn my list-building secrets about forums and blogs—plus my need-to-know tips before you start posting on other people's forums and blogs. I even share how-to tips to start your own blog, with growing your list as a top priority.

  • VIDEO & AUDIO: Exciting Marketing Tactics to Draw Prospects! My guidelines and tips for creating effective list-building videos and podcasts are so easy, anybody can do it—even if you're a techno-klutz afraid of being on camera!

  • GIVEAWAY EVENTS: Everybody Loves Free Stuff! Did you know there are organized promotional "giveaway events" on the Internet that give away millions of dollars worth of valuable merchandise and reports? Learn how you can join one of these giveaways and gain lots of new prospects, fast! Or start a giveaway of your own and build your list even faster!

  • VIRAL CAMPAIGNS: You Wanna Be Starting Something! There's nothing like word of mouth these days via the 'Net and electronic media to spread the news about your company or your latest big promotion like wildfire. Learn how to do viral campaigns like a pro!

  • CREATE A RESOURCE LIBRARY: Interested Prospects Will Find YOU! Like moths to a flame, if you provide the resources and info your target market is actively searching for, they will come. This chapter teaches you how to build a resource library and be the go-to expert in your field.

  • PUBLIC RELATIONS: Create Interest to Attract Prospects There's no better way to position yourself as an expert than through the media. In this chapter, I reveal my secrets for marketing with an eye to public relations, getting lots of media exposure—and new prospects!

  • ADVERTISING: Fresh Twists on an Old Standard Yes, you can still advertise to attract new prospects and clients/customers. I share new ideas for advertising online, as well as using old standards like newspapers, direct mail, and radio.

  • FOR A GOOD TIME, GO OFFLINE: In Other Words: Go LIVE and Your List Will Thrive! Nothing beats conveying your marketing message face-to-face, live and in person—it wins you the BEST, most loyal prospects and buying customers/clients. Learn where to go, including trade shows and speaking engagements, and then what to say and do when you're there to reel in the prospects.

There's even a BONUS SECTION covering even more list-building strategies, tools, tips, and secrets!

Plus, I cover the holy grail of progressive and profitable marketing that makes all of this work effectively: testing and tracking your results so you can be certain what marketing efforts work for your specific business and what doesn't work. Learn what factors you need to measure on your website and in your emails, and how to measure and calculate them so you can keep working to improve them!

At nearly 450 pages, my "List Building System" covers a whopping amount of information and material. But don't worry, I don't want you to feel overwhelmed... The beauty of this program is that you don't have to implement all of the list-building strategies, tools, and secrets you'll master, and you certainly don't have to do it all at once.

Now, you know I believe in taking action—it's every bit as important, if not more important, as knowing exactly what to do. So, to wrap up this program, I teach you how to develop a list-building plan to strategically implement the list-building methods you're most comfortable using and that fit your target market best. Even if you implement just one list-building tool to start, you're very likely to see your list grow. No matter what your current business level, this system is designed to work for everyone. Implement as many or as few methods as you want, when you're ready to implement them. You determine the list-building methods and implementation schedule that work best for you and your business.

Here's all you get when you order my digital List Building System:

  • The official program manual: "List Building System: Strategies, Tools, and Secrets to Grow Your Own Profitable List of Prospects Who Buy!" It's nearly 450 pages covering 20 informative chapters, all organized in a neat 3-ring binder and chock-full of...

    • Real-life EXAMPLES that illustrate what you're reading and learning about.

    • Fun EXERCISES for you to complete that not only help you retain what you've learned, but are designed to get your own list-building machine set up and running—before you know it, you'll be building your list and growing your way to success!

    • A fat APPENDIX section loaded with "extras" for each chapter, including notes, resources, and checklists so you won't miss a thing!

  • Audios via download. Listen in, as I personally walk you through the program, providing an overview of the material—and I often illustrate my tips and pointers by sharing personal stories and experiences that you won't find in the manual. These are over 3 hours of training audios from an actual live course I taught my students.

    **PLUS, your audios include a a valuable Q&A session with real questions from real students. Some of the best information comes out in the Q&A session, since students ask questions that relate the program material directly to their own business situations, making it real for you, too!

  • Transcripts of all the audios so you can read and follow along with the audios and make your own notes.

"PLUS... you get a Membership in my Success Club® for only $9.97 per month"

I also want to make sure you have ONGOING support and updated information on a regular basis. That's why I'm also giving you an opportunity to try a membership in my Success Club®! This exciting program delivers...

  • A MONTHLY CALL with me and my special expert guests. All you need to participate is a phone. (No software or internet required.)

  • AN ACTION WORKSHEET to use during the call, to help you better retain and implement what you learn.

  • A RECORDING of the call as a digital MP3, so you can download it and enjoy in your success library for years to come.

  • A WRITTEN TRANSCRIPT of every call as a digital PDF, so you can also keep on file for future use, or for easy note-taking.

You don't have to wait -- your membership benefits will begin as soon as your purchase is complete. This offer is optional, but if you accept your credit card will automatically begin being charged only $9.97 a month for this great value. If at any time you want to cancel your membership, simply let us know via phone or email and we will stop your membership immediately.

Your list is your most important business asset (you can walk away from your office, your inventory, your top Google rankings, even your bank account as long as you're carrying a copy of your prospect list on a memory chip in your purse!). And you build your list by attracting the right prospects like bees to honey. Choosing the 'honey' that works best is simple when you know your mission and business vision, your target market, and exactly what it is you're selling. Integrating list building into your current business model is critical to your long-term success.

And, as you'll soon see when you start getting into "List Building System", many of the choices and decisions you'll make during the program will create the foundation of more than just your auto-responder messages and squeeze-page copy ... they actually help you define and clarify the entire value proposition of your business! That's something you'll want to refer to again and again, because it's important to be consistent with your messaging as you build a growing network of subscribers and lead generators.

"List Building System" is a product you can be proud to add to your business success library, and be sure to refer to it over and over again, every time you're ready to add another tool to your ever-growing, powerful list-building tool kit! So, once you've ordered this program, you'll want to grab a cup of tea or coffee, get comfortable in your favorite easy chair, and settle back with your "List Building System" program manual, then study, complete the exercises, and dream about growing your list and your business, BIG!

Here's what just a FEW users of Ali's list-building methods have to share:

Grew Her List from 122 to 3,500 in Months

"My colleague and I started a brand new ezine called "Brilliance!" with just 122 subscribers (mostly clients, friends, family, colleagues, etc.). However, thanks to methodically and persistently following all of the list-building strategies Ali has taught us, less than 9 months later our list has grown to nearly 3,500 people. One strategy added nearly 700 people to our list in about two weeks. The other strategy we learned from Ali was to build a soft squeeze page for our FREE "Richer. Smarter. Happier. Success Starter Kit", and this ONE change has garnered hundreds of subscribers."

Angelique Rewers
Richer. Smarter. Happier.

Over 200 New Sign-ups Within a Week!

"After going through your class on teleseminars in "Beyond the Blueprint" I decided to create my own free teleclass as a list-building strategy. I sent out messages on Facebook, Twitter, and through my newsletter to announce my free teleclass. I received over 200 new sign-ups to my list within a week! Now I regularly use free teleclasses as a way to grow my list."

Laura Hollick
Soul Artist & Shaman

Over 150 New Sign-ups Within a Week!

"I visited Ali's website and instantly signed up for the Millionaire Protégé Club. Even though I do not have my website up and running, I created a landing page for my newsletter sign up. I have been using Twitter, Facebook, article marketing, and one other technique to promote my ezine "Driven: Savvy & Strong with Jenna" for a little under a week. So far, my list has grown from only three subscribers (me, my fiancée, and my mom), to over 150 in just one week!

Thanks for the tips, Ali!"

Jenna Drew
Savvy & Strong With Jenna

Has Grown Her List to 5,000 Subscribers

"Last year I kept in touch with about a thousand subscribers through a monthly newsletter. After learning a few list-building strategies from Ali, my list has grown to 50,000 subscribers. Now, there's a real sense of community and closeness that I really enjoy, and it also helps boost sales as a result. I'm now selling products and services on a weekly and even daily basis, rather than once a month. It's amazing how these simple things have totally transformed my business!"

Sara Avant Stover
The Way of the Happy Woman

Created a Sales Boost With Just ONE Email to Her List

"I started collecting customer email addresses as a direct result of watching Ali's "Online Success Blueprint System" DVDs. I offer a free plant to my customers, and a monthly ezine with seasonal plant tips and special offers throughout the year. I held a pre-season sale exclusively for my customers on my email list. In a few short hours on a gray rainy day, sales ended with an amount equivalent to 6.5% of the total sales of the previous year. Advertising cost was nil. Just a click to send an email announcing the sale.

I'm hooked on collecting customer email addresses."

Tracey Gossman
EverDream Nursery

She's DOUBLED Her List With Just a Few Tips

"By implementing the list-building strategy of offering to be a guest speaker on teleseminars for other entrepreneurial communities, I've more than doubled the size of my list (I prefer to call them my "community" because I don't like to refer to people as numbers).

I plan to offer this opportunity to all of my affiliates as well and am certain my list will continue to grow with this strategy."

Lisa Manyon
Write On - Creative Writing Services, LLC

Just ONE Strategy Grew Her List 25% in Two Weeks

"Thanks to just ONE strategy I learned from Ali, I grew my list by 25% in less than 2 weeks, then did it again a few months later. Now, instead of praying and hoping my list will grow, I regularly give it the "Big Blast" I'm looking for. My teleseminar sales are now DOUBLE what they were a year ago. I also created a 6-figure launch of our brand new association in just 10 days using this same list-building technique. I'm excited to see the results of Ali's strategies already paying off and in such a big way!"

Kendall SummerHawk
International Association of Women in Business Coaching

My Personal "Make-You-Happy" Guarantee!

If you're not 100% satisfied with this product, just contact my team to let us know. My List Building System comes with my 30-day credit-refund guarantee—full credit to use on any product in my Success Store.

And that's my promise!

So, are you ready to reduce your lead-generating efforts to a fraction of the time and energy you're currently spending?

Are you ready to start your journey to list-building mastery and watch your sales revenues soar as if you'd set them on autopilot?

"Yes! I'm ready to grow my list NOW! I want Ali's
List Building System today and let's get my prospect/customer
list—and my business—growing."


I understand with my investment, I'll receive the following:

  • Ali's "List Building System: Strategies, Tools, and Secrets to Grow Your Own Profitable List of Prospects Who Buy!" Program Manual - It's nearly 450 pages covering 20 informative chapters, all organized in a neat 3-ring binder and chock-full of:

    • Real-life EXAMPLES to illustrate what I'm reading and learning about.

    • Fun EXERCISES for me to complete that will not only help me retain what I've learned, but are designed to get my own list-building machine set up and running

    • A fat APPENDIX section loaded with "extras" for each chapter, including notes, resources, and checklists so I won't miss a thing!

  • Program audios via download - My List Building System comes with over 3 hours of training audios from an actual live course taught by Ali. I get to listen in as Ali personally walks me through the program, providing an overview of the material and illustrating her tips and pointers with personal stories and experiences that I won't find in the manual.

  • **PLUS, my audios include a valuable Q&A session where real students ask real-world questions that relate the program material directly to their own business situations. From the Q&A, I'll be able to get answers for myself plus a few extra tips for situations I might encounter in the future!

  • Audio transcripts, so I can read and follow along with the audios and make my own notes.

Just click on the secure order link below, and we'll get you set up with your own List Building System right away.

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At such a low investment my List Building System is truly a must have resource for you and your business. When you consider what growing your list will gain you, and what just are new client or customer is worth, you'll see how this powerful program will pay for itself many times over!

Don't delay... order your "List Building System" today!

Love and success,

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